Friday, October 31, 2008

Idiotes Guide to Election '08

Take a break from the intensity of the campaign for a moment to check out how my plumber
friend has put his plunger to good use

Happy Halloween!

I've fallen behind the Halloween thing since Milwaukee held Trick or Treat LAST Sunday afternoon- October 26. Throw in a stubborn cold and a Ideation/quick-sketching session in Chicago this week, and I'm down to the wire with this Halloween image. Well, here's to big bags of goodies! BTW- whats your favorite candy bar?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kitchen and Bath Bouquet

A lovely bouquet proposed for a national Kitchen and Bath supply company.  I figure it could help 'Joe the Plumber' chase those blues away after having his story spring a few leaks!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe- the Plunger?

Here's what could serve as illustrated proof of a rudimentary early attempt at the craft of plumbing by "Joe the Plumber" (note unshaved dome). 
Is it really Joe? Is he really a plumber?

Actually, this is a illustration I did a few years ago as part of a humorous product concept for my good friend and colleague Russ Schoen. Russ is a expert trainer, facilitator, and speaker in the field of creativity, innovation and leadership (though he probably couldn't help you with plumbing). 

Pay him a visit at 

Image ©2006 Mindgarden Innovation Inc. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I opened the archives and found these images in response to a client request. In no particular order, here's some greeting cards, ideation quick-sketch, and a marketing concept...

... speaking of vehicles, I used to own a 1965 Mercury Comet. It was white with a super-clean red interior, "three-on-the-tree" and a AM radio with crystal-clear reception ( the best way to listen to classic country on WSM out of Nashville ). Of course, it was my best car I've ever owned. Hey, do you have a favorite car? grandpa's wagon?, your pal's Pacer? maybe even a soap box derby racer or (gulp) a Segway?

SPECIAL OFFER: The first three readers to email me with their favorite set of wheels will receive a quick and cool illustration of it back from me. Hurry, this 
is a limited time offer!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Event Concepts

Illustrations for a museum proposal proving that if you don't get invited to a party, just draw one!

Event Concepts

Some event concepts executed in a fast and loose style. Not to mention a liberal use of orange markers.  Personally I like the flapping laundry in the basket on top of the moon walk.
( Please note I've eliminated any and all logos to protect clients and/or customers and will do so throughout the blog)