Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I opened the archives and found these images in response to a client request. In no particular order, here's some greeting cards, ideation quick-sketch, and a marketing concept...

... speaking of vehicles, I used to own a 1965 Mercury Comet. It was white with a super-clean red interior, "three-on-the-tree" and a AM radio with crystal-clear reception ( the best way to listen to classic country on WSM out of Nashville ). Of course, it was my best car I've ever owned. Hey, do you have a favorite car? grandpa's wagon?, your pal's Pacer? maybe even a soap box derby racer or (gulp) a Segway?

SPECIAL OFFER: The first three readers to email me with their favorite set of wheels will receive a quick and cool illustration of it back from me. Hurry, this 
is a limited time offer!

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