Monday, October 19, 2009

The results of days spent talking to myself.

Self-promotion is a painful process for me.  Spouting off puffery and combing through files looking for just the right image to back it up. Or creating an image to support the puffery? Puffery? Or just a image? What kind of image? Anyway, bottom line:  Let my pictures tell your story.  

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Storyboards Bridge Digital Divide

I'm not here to divide but to unite those with a need to pitch their web and TV spots with my old-school abilities to put those concepts on paper fast. Here's samples from spots from various Chicago ad agencies and production companies.  Find more of my storyboard work here.  Or really go old-school and watch reruns of  Bowling for Dollars.

Meet some new pals...

...introducing the lovely and composed Peaches and Coconuts.  A blog banner illustration created for Deborah and her take on life, family, and the 'burbs.  She' a certified Peach living with a Coconut. Did you know you're probably either a Peach or a Coconut? Find out more on her blog!
In the meantime I really enjoyed this project: the process yielded some new discoveries with techniques and I'm very pleased with the final look.   ( The best part - Deborah is too!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pen to Paper

Attempting some quick-sketching on the road during December.  I'm using a Sharpie since I envy those folks who can grab one and knock something out in seconds. And I still remember my art school days when we sat outside in the city and tried to draw people walking by, sitting and feeding the pigeons, eating lunch, etc.  So here goes: my daughter Frannie on the jet from Disney, our hotel in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida and the view from my hotel in Germany.

Gone International

December was a great month. The snow flew and so did the time.  My first international gig in week one. Worked in Germany on a food package design project with Blair Miller. Week two was a fast and furious few days back working on another food presentation followed by a set of promotion concepts. Week three was a vacation in Disney World, then back here for the New Years. A great way to end a great year!